Day 1 ; Ephesus City Tour 7.00 Departure from Bodrum. 8.30 - 9.00 Breakfast by the Bafa Lake. 10.00 Visiting the largest jewellery factory of the region 11.00 We enter Ephesus which is one of the best preserved ancient city of the world. There we will see the monumental library, the great theater and many other ruins from ancient Greek and Rome. 14.00 Open buffet Lunch 15.00 - 16.00 Optional visit to Mother Mary house 16.15 Departure from Selçuk to Pamukkale. 19.00 Arriving to our 5 Star Hotel

Day 2 : Pamukkale Hierapolis Tour 7.00 am Wake up call 7.30 Breakfast 8.30 Departure from Hotel 9.00 Arriving to the Pamukkale which is a Unesco World Site since 1988 both culturaly with Hierapolis ancient city and Naturally with Travertines. Moreover the Antique Pool which is also known as the Cleopatra''''''''''''''''s Pool is well worth to see. 13.30 Open buffet lunch 14.30 Leather factory visit 15.30 Departure Pamukkale back to Bodrum


Tour Includes

Professional GuideAC TransportFirts day LunchDinner at HotelSecond day breakfastEntrance fee to Ephesus and PamukkaleHotel Facilities

Tour Not Includes

Drinks at lunch and dinnerFirst day BreakfastSecond day lunchPersonal expensesCleopatra's poolVisit to Mother Mary House

Tour Highlights

The transient nature of greatness is rarely as clearly displayed as it is in the Ephesus, a city once renowned throughout the ancient world as a major trading port, a metropolis of 250.000 inhabitants and a religious and cultural center. It was also the home of one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, monumental temple of Artemis, known as Diana for Romans. Ephesus holds an important place in the history of early Christian church as it is here that St. Paul preached and it was to the Ephesians that he addressed some of his memorable teachings. Some 400 year after St. Paul’s visits a great Ecumenical council assembled here to hold heated theological arguments and lay down the law on important point’s of Christian doctrine. Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle”. This amazing site looks just like balls of cotton wool cascading down the terraces of this naturel wonder. Bathe in the hot thermal springs which are said to contain healing preoperties to soothe away those aches and pains some of the terraces are now protected by government order to preservethis magnificent wonder for future generations.


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