Day 01 - Bodrum - Blue Cruise Start Boarding starts at 3:30pm from Bodrum harbour. On the first day, your boat will be anchored in Bodrum Port for dinner and overnight stay. Bodrum has a history that goes back to the 12th century B.C. The city which was called Halicarnassus was the birthplace of Herodotus; the father of History who lived in the 5th century B.C. The Mausoleum of King Mausolus (350 B.C.) which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is in this city. The only structure that survived from the Classical Era is the Amphitheatre. It is one of the oldest theatres in Anatolia with a capacity of 13.000 guests, and is still hosting many shows and concerts for the art-lovers of Bodrum. Another place that you should visit whilst in Bodrum is the landmark of the city the Castle of Saint Peter. It is one of the best preserved pieces of architecture with a history that dates back to the Middle Ages. Myndos Gate through which Alexander the Great entered Halicarnassus is another place that you should not miss.

Day 02 - Palamutbuku - Inceburun Early in the morning we start cruise to Palamutbuku bay. We will anchor in Ince Burun after lunch and swimming breaks. We will stay in this lovely bay for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 03 - Aktur - Bencik After breakfast we will cruise to Aktur bay. Then our first stop will be the Bencik bay; which has a very narrow entrance but a unique view once you get inside. Bencik is located at the narrowest part of the peninsula that divides Hisaronu Gulf from the Gokova Gulf but it is located at Hisaronu side. In 550s B.C. the Cnidus people wanted to dig a tunnel in the narrowest land piece of the peninsula between the Hisaronu Gulf and the Gokova Gulf as a defence line against the Persians. That way they would make two peninsulas one island and the defence easier. They started with diligence and put a lot of effort; however, in the end they could not manage and the city was conquered by the Persians. Dinner and overnight stay will be at Bencik bay.

Day 04 - Emel Sayin Koyu - Orhaniye - Selimiye After Breakfast we will anchor at Emel Sayin bay and you can enjoy a swimming stop in this lovely bay. For lunch we will dock in Orhaniye. In Orhaniye bay, you will see unique scenery of a natural tidal formation called kiz kumu (Maidens Beach). There are so many myths about this reddish sand-path going from the shore to the inner parts of the sea. On a tiny island located in the bay, you can see the wrecks of an antique castle, a sign of an ancient city. Today, our final destination will be Selimiye for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 05 - Dirsek Buku - Bozburun After anchoring in Dirsekbuku and taking a swimming stop, we will go to Bozburun which is a small fishing town. This area was popular and suitable for sponge-diving but nowadays the people of the island are no more interested in sponge-diving as it is not financially beneficial and is dangerous. In recent years sponge-diving is replaced by gulet tourism and Bozburun gulets nowadays could take its place in this sector.

Day 06 - Datca - Knidos (Cnidus) We will cruise to Datca. Food and water will be supplied to the boat from Datca harbour. The city was founded by the Dors who came from Aegean Sea to the southern coast of Ionia in the 7th century B.C. The island has no humidity at all and has fresh air with plenty of oxygen. The historian Strabo has a rightful saying about Datcas weather - God would send his beloved servants to Datca to live longer. According to a myth while the Spanish pirates were passing by the coast of Datca, they disembarked people with Hansens disease in Sariliman bay and these abandoned people recovered from their disease with the help of the clean weather of Datca. You may take a walk in Datca harbour. We will cruise to Cnidus for dinner and overnight stay. Cnidus was a developed city in science, art and architecture. Eudoxos, a very popular astronomer and maths professor; Dr. Euryphon; Polygontos, a popular painter; Skopas and Bryaksis of Faros, the most famous sculptors of the era; Sostrates, the architect of Alexandrian light house -one of the seven wonders of the World-and Ktesias the doctor who saved the life of a Persian king from a disaster lived on this island. Dr. Euryphon and his students founded the second largest medical sciences school in the Cnidus. The island also homes the largest sun clock of its time which was erected by Eudoksos. Cnidus was the home for Aphrodites monument and at those times the city was famous for brothels and became popular for sailors and Arabic tradesmen. You may take a walk on the shore to see the ruins.

Day 07 - Poyraz - Meteor bay - Bodrum We cruise early in the morning to Karaada (Black island). Breakfast and swimming stop will be at Poyraz bay which is located at the northern side of the island. This is such a nice bay with its turquoise-blue waters. We will be anchoring at Meteor bay for lunch which is located at the southern side of the island. There is a meteor hole here and this is how the bay got its name. Here you may jump over the platform in to the deep water. You may also take a walk through the under water cave which is very near to Meteor bay for a small local fee. We will dock in Bodrum harbour for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 08 - Bodrum - Blue Cruise End After breakfast your blue cruise concludes at 10:30am. We hope your blue cruise was a memorable one and we would like to see you in future in one of our blue cruises again. Have a nice trip back home and thanks for choosing TravelShop Turkey.


Tour Includes

Breakfasts, lunches - afternoon teas, coffee and cookies - dinnersAll charter and berth taxes, harbour and port proceduresTransit log and related formalitiesMooring expensesCrew serviceWater supply for the yachtDiesel and GasolineBed linen and bath towelsUse of equipment on boardYacht insurance (we advise you to take out your own individual travel insurance)V.A.T.On Greek islands itineraries:Harbour taxes and mooring fees in foreign waters for the yachtAll port procedures and expenses in foreign waters for the yachtThe A/C can be in use up to 8 hours daily

Tour Not Includes

Airport transfersAlcoholic and non alcoholic beverages including bottled water(These can be purchased on the yacht)Optional land excursions and entrance fees to historical places and museumsIndividual port taxes on arrival and departure in Turkey and Greece

Tour Highlights

Palamutbuku - Inceburun - Aktur - Bencik - Emel Sayin Koyu - Orhaniye - Selimiye - Dirsek Buku - Bozburun - Datca - Knidos (Cnidus) - Poyraz - Meteor bay - Bodrum


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